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Date: 20 May 2024

Time: To be announced

Duration: 3 days

Location: Zakopane, Poland

Cost: € 390 - € 610

Organiser: University of Žilina - Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

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The conference is the 15th of the series of international conferences which began in 1995 initially as a national conference with international participation. The conference is organized by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, University of Žilina, every two years.

The conference ELEKTRO 2024 is organized in cooperation with the Cracow University of Technology, PL and the University of Catania, IT.

The purpose of the conference is to provide an international forum for researchers and professionals interested in electrical and electronic engineering, information and communication technologies as well as interdisciplinary areas with the main attention to the conference topics.


TPC1 Informatics and Information Technologies

Wireless, Optical and Photonic Systems and Networks; Advanced Networks and Services; Modelling and Simulations in ICT; Digital Signal Processing; Multimedia Technologies; E-Society; Intelligent Transport Systems, Transport Telematics and Smart Cities; E – Safety, Risk Analysis, Theory and Methods of Safety Control; Artificial Intelligence in Process Control; Communication Systems in Transport and Industry.

TPC2 Power Electronics and Energy Systems

Power Electronic Devices and Converter Topologies; Modelling, Simulation, Measurement; Control Systems, Digital Control and Microelectronics; Thermal Performance and Optimization; Power Electronic Systems and Applications; Autotronics; Automotive Applications (EV, HEV, etc.); Power Train and Communication In Vehicles; Battery Management and Energy Storage; Electrical Machines, Drives and Traction; Power Electrical Engineering, Smart Grids, Renewable Power Sources; Power Supply for Electrical Railways Applications; Electrical Measurements and Instrumentations.

TPC3 Materials (and) Technologies, Biomedical Engineering

Electromagnetic Fields in Various Materials and Coupled Problems; Utilization of Electromagnetic Field Effects in Material Nondestructive Evaluation; Analysis of Electromagnetic Field and Electrical Circuits using Analytical and Numerical Methods; Technical Tools and Computer-aided Methods in Biomedical Engineering; New and Perspective Materials and their Physical Properties; New Experimental Methods, Techniques and Technologies; Thin Layers and Heterostructures; Microelectronic and Optoelectronic Devices; Optical Fibers and Cables.

TPC4 Robotics, Cybernetics, Mechatronics

Industrial and Mobile Robotics; Mobile and Compliant Manipulators; Multiagent Systems; Intelligent Vehicles; Visual Sevoing; Data processing; Control Systems; Mechatronic Systems – design, modelling, simulation and optimization; Sensors and Actuators; Automation Devices; Biologically Inspired Robotics; Collaborative Robotics; Aero-Space Applications.

TPC5 Education in Electrical Engineering and ICT

Attractiveness of Engineering Education; Project and Problem Based Learning; E-learning, STEM education.

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