Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

Many clients have praised the results and services of the EuroJobsites organisation through the years. Starting our first jobsite in 2001, we now have 180,000 unique users and 130,000 subscribers across our jobsites. EuroEngineerJobs is part of the EuroJobsites family whom customers regularly praise:

"I was looking for a project leader in the automotive business, and I found varied and interesting profiles for such a position thanks to EuroEngineerJobs. Getting into contact with those candidates after reviewing their resume was pretty easy."
- Fabien Bédaton, General Manager TRANSVERSE sprl

"Advertising on EuroEngineerJobs allows us to target a key audience that is in demand by many of our clients. We’ve run extensive campaigns including Job Ads, Website Banners and Newsletter Adverts to great effect. We’re always very happy with the service and the site provides good return on investment too!"
- Tim Suggitt, International Sales Director, Aktor Interactive

"I often advise multinationals within High Tech, Chemical and Manufacturing industries to use EuroEngineerJobs to source highly qualified engineers. During the past 6 months I've successfully used EuroEngineerJobs for positions such as Process Safety Engineer, Support Engineer, Chemical Engineer and Lean Engineer. Despite complex job profiles and the scarcity of the target audience we were able to generate good resumes."
- Senior Consultant, VONQ - Online media company

"What I've learnt this week: The fantastic job site for engineers in the EU: www.EuroEngineerJobs.com"
- Careerslucy Blog

More Testimonials from our other Jobsites

"We received quite a lot of CVs in response to our advertisement and some of them arrived via your website, as it was mentioned it in the candidates' cover letters. I'm sure EuroScienceJobs is very much consulted by European scientists looking for a job, so if I have to post another job, I will use EuroScienceJobs again. Regarding your website, it is a very attractive and easy to use site to search for jobs."
- Marielle Snellings, Atmospheric Composition, Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy (BIRA-IASB)

“Having our postdoctoral research position posted on EuroScienceJobs was very useful and helped us get the quantity of qualified candidates necessary for filling the post.”
- Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, University of Zurich

"Eurobrussels certainly helped to streamline our recruitment process, with impressive results."
- Chris Boothby, Head of Communications, Eurelectric

"I really think that it is useful to have a link from EuroBrussels Education & Courses to our website"
- Henriett Griecs, Departmental Coordinator Department of Public Policy, Central European University

"We would like to thank you for your prompt and efficient service, we have received a very positive response from the advert."
- Samantha Blyth, Ellwood Grant Effective Leadership Resourcing

"Thank you very much for your prompt reply. The text you proposed is good, you all are really efficient!"
- Paola Sabbione, Istituto Universitario di Studi Europei

"Thank you for the easy and professional service you gave us. We had a very good response to the advert and would be very happy to use you again."
- Lucy Aspinall, Development Associate, Yorkshire and Humber European Office

"Thank you very much for posting our job advertisement on your website. It has been extremely useful for us, as we have received an impressive amount of applications."
- Julie Heraud, HCL Consultants

"I got many applications from candidates with a very solid background and I would definitely recommend EuroBrussels.com both to colleagues who are looking to hire and to those who are looking for a new job."
- Marie Van In, Division Counsel, Cytec Specialty Chemicals

"I have received many responses to our job ad, so I consider EuroBrussels a very useful tool for finding a job (this is how I found my current position!). I am very happy I chose to use EuroBrussels and I will recommend it to my colleagues in the future."
- Vicky Tzivelis, EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development)

"I am really pleased to express to you my gratitude for the timely and effective information on international vacancies you provide for in your newsletter, especially considering that thanks to it I have managed to grasp a professional opportunity that otherwise could have gone completely unnoticed! Some time ago I have applied for a vacant position at EUMETSAT (which I first saw mentioned in your EuroBrussels Newsletter 99), and now, following the successful outcome of the recruitment procedure, I am ready to take up duty at their Headquarters in Germany in a few weeks. I hope therefore that you will accept my sincere congratulations for the high relevance and quality of your newsletter, which definitely represents a precious tool for international job-hunters, particularly in the difficult job market of these times. I look forward to continuing hearing from you, kindest regards,''
- Dr Piero Vittorio Valabrega, Ph.D. int. econ. law

"Concerning your pages with CV guidance. I have during more than 10 years visited numerous websites giving such guidance. I must say that your material as a whole is definitely the best I have seen. I have already recommended your guidance pages and forwarded links to several people."
- Mr I.V., The Hague, The Netherlands

And we have many more satisfied clients...

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