Director of Project Management

Director of Project Management

IPS - Integrated Project Services

Dublin, Ireland

IPS is hiring! We are looking to acquire a Director of Project Management to lead our industry-leading Engineering Design – Project Management team, to be based out of our EMEA office located in Dublin, Ireland.

The Director of Project Management is responsible for the overall leadership of the Design Project Management Group. They are primarily responsible for managing the performance of the design project management group. The performance of this group will be measured by project profitability and client satisfaction. Also, the Director of Project Management will collaborate closely with construction and C&Q project management and will provide high-level support to marketing.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

Business Development:

  • Responsible for developing and maintaining sufficient and effective sales effort to keep personnel productively engaged plus meet annual growth targets.
  • Keeps an ear to the ground for leads.
  • Participates in regional and/or national trade organizations to promote IPS and its professionals.
  • Determines which leads are worthy of follow-up.
  • Helps to identify SMEs within the IPS organization and solicits their support in client development and sales.
  • Makes sales presentations and selects and trains others in developing effective presentation techniques.


  • Generally responsible for the achievement of financial goals for the Design Project Management Group.
  • Keeps salaries in line with the need to hire and retain competent personnel but not at a level that becomes difficult to sell at a profit.
  • Maintains judicious control of overheads to keep the cost of services at a competitive level while allowing the company and employees to keep up-to-date in fields of endeavor.
  • Searches for and studies new ways to increase the productivity of employees and Design Group.
  • Identifies and proposes new opportunities for company diversification and long-term profitability.


  • Assigns persons to act as Project Engineers, Project Managers or other positions that control income-earning activities.
  • Working with appropriate Directors of Operations and Business Unit Leaders assign team members to each project or income-earning activity.
  • Maintains general supervision over all activities for which the Design Group is responsible to ensure technical and financial competence of the Group, employees and each project.
  • Regularly reviews personnel regarding performance.
  • Discharges or lays off personnel for a cause or lack of work whenever such action is in the best interests of the Company.
  • Maintains a file of resumes of persons available for hire.
  • Interviews appropriate candidates for hiring and negotiates salaries, staying within company guidelines.
  • Monitors compliance with company policies and accepted practices.
  • Monitors and approves timesheets and expense vouchers for all persons assigned to the Design Group before submittal to accounting for payroll and expense reimbursement.


  • Practices a personal code of high moral standards for which the Company can be proud.
  • Understands and works within the accepted ethics of the engineering profession.
  • Maintains appropriate contact with the public, clients, and employees to promote and protect the company’s interests.
  • Develop and maintain subject matter expertise in Project Management.
  • Stays abreast of current advances in the profession by selected appropriate reading, public meetings, conferences, etc.


  • Helps to ensure that projects managed in all Regions meet IPS' profitability and quality standards.
  • Works with Directors of Operations to ensure regional compliance.
  • Interacts with Directors of Operations and General Managers regularly to ensure business unit and overall company needs are being met.

Training & Development:

  • Working with Directors of Operations, and appropriate Corporate Staff develops active programs for continuing education, training and development of personnel for purposes of promoting the Company’s interests and to provide avenues of individual advancement in technology and position.
  • Identifies and approves enrolment in appropriate courses, seminars, and conferences related to employee’s line of technology or for purposes of other appropriate personal development.
  • Monitors reading material coming into the office and circulate articles of pertinent interest to keep the staff aware of current events and technologies and to encourage the staff to read and study on their own volition and time.

Qualifications & Requirements

  • A minimum of 15 years’ industry experience in Project Management.
  • Must have a strong Architectural Design or Engineering Design discipline background along with experience running engineering/design projects in the Life Sciences industries.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Architecture, Planning or the equivalent.
  • Progressive ability, capacity and aptitude in administration to plan, organize, supervise and coordinate technical work and to obtain cooperation from others.
  • Analytical thinking, structured problem-solving skills, superior communication skills, team building, and strong work ethic.
  • Proven ability in managing 5+ employees.

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